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To the Directors Past and Present of Monsanto and Dow Chemical:

A poem by Melvin L. Johnson When the blood lines pull taunt and your evil is done, The hell bound and ugly come on the run Cross cutting fields, tearing down wheat, Swallowing your souls because evil is sweet. The … Continue reading

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The Earth is Crying

A poem by Charlyne Van Oosbree The earth is crying, “What more do you want from me?” she asks. “I’ve given you my rice paddies, my oil, my rich black soil.” — The earth is crying. “What more do you … Continue reading

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A poem by Russell Streur (The statements in the first half of the poem are taken from a lawsuit filed against Monsanto by NY State in the 1990s for false and misleading information. Editor’s comments: Monsanto was found guilty … Continue reading

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A Poem by Sarah Khan the world is full of pain scientists practicing premeditated acts of chemistry the meek do not inherit the earth dying slowly, painfully at the hands of metastasizing tumors while the rest of us, sinners live … Continue reading

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A Poem by Thomas L. Brown Monsanto muddied the waters, Monsanto muddied the landscape, burnt the hands of children and took the fingernails of men left the cancer to grow generation after generation squashing everything in its way and while … Continue reading

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A Poem by Gerald Seymour Fifty years of Agent Orange, fifty years birth defects, fifty years dead soil, American grass, dead soil, Vietnamese Jovan rhino, dead soil, thickets of bamboo, dead soil, wild cows, dead soil, the dwarf buffalo, dead … Continue reading

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Haiku for August 10th

Haiku by Gerald Smith August 10th, Justice Demands Compensation for All People, US Veterans of the Viet Nam War, Their Families, Children, Grandhildren, the Vietnamese People, Their Famileis, Children, and Grandchildren and the Cambodian People, Etc. Etc. Etc The poison … Continue reading

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At the Beginning

A poem by Sao Mai Nguyen Dioxin Dioxin kills weed I knew it from Monsanto’s Roundup Dow has produced a similar one I found it in the soil Not only just that Inside the veteran’s body who had sacrificed … Continue reading

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King and Dictator Monsanto and Her Ugly Bride, Queen Dow Chemical

A Poem by Nyugen Trang (translated into English from Vietnamese) a poisoned fish a poisoned generation a poisoned mind but rules by fear is not rule at all and rule by money is another word for corrupt punishment for the … Continue reading

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A Section from the Poem: Eye Blades

A Poem by George Evans (The following section of this poem was written during the Viet Nam (American) War and predicts much of the continued harm to generation after generation caused by the continued actions and inactions of Monsanto and … Continue reading

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