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The Way Monsanto Destroyed My Village

A Painting by a Vietnamese children who live in the city of Dong Ha.

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A Poem by A J Huffman 11 million or so gallons (no one’s exactly sure) of Monsanto’s Agent Orange showered the countryside. Five years of herbicidal holocaust. Our country’s line: it was necessary to deprive the Viet Cong of cover, … Continue reading

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What has Monsanto Done to Us?

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A Poem by Russell Streur Did not Shoot anyone Spill cesium Into the bay Set fire to the monk Detonate the IED Drive under the influence Or watch the tube today But Thought about it lots. Played some cards instead … Continue reading

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Kate Moss drops a dime on Monsanto

A Poem by Anon ymous She lights a match, rubs the ash between her fingers. Realizes how much remains to be unsaid It’s difficult to resist the feeling of weightlessness that comes from longing. The corn fields cower. If she … Continue reading

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The Monsanto Executive

A poem by M. Lapin –based on the poem, “The Colonel,” by Carolyn Forché This is what is true. I did go to the Monsanto executive’s house. He had a servant, tall and strong, with wide-open eyes and exquisite posture. … Continue reading

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Dougherty reads to Kate Moss from The Book of the Dead

A Poem by Anon ymous “A recent study showed that every human tested had the world’s best-selling pesticide, Roundup, (manufactured by Monsanto) detectable in their urine at concentrations between five and twenty times the level considered safe for drinking water.” … Continue reading

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