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‘Trust Me’: Prop 37

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Chemicals, Dirt and Rainwater

A Poem by Devlin De La Chapa He stood amidst the fields of foreign crops like a statue frozen in time- as his body remains, his mind rewinds present to past, the past, pitch black darkness and it’s raining inconsistently, … Continue reading

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The Reason for the Past

A Quote from Unknown The past is the devil–you can’t fix the past and you can’t run from it. It’s always behind you, the devil chasing and chasing, but you can forgive and ask for forgiveness. This alone will chase … Continue reading

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A Poem by Anon ymous. There is the anticipation of road trips mixed with the leftovers from last night: albums gone sleeveless, bra and pants, loose change and dishes in the sink. Curtains shimmy to the pop and hiss of … Continue reading

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A Poem by Sarah M. Zang The wrath of all the seasons past falls fast upon this gloomy day, There’s not a single ray of sun seen to mingle with dire deeds done. Monsanto and Dow Chemical would burn our … Continue reading

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Looking to the Devil for Kindness (and Monsanto is the devil in deed)

Craig Shay Uncomforting talk, spoils gala festivities – Every age is a landscape overflowing with savagery. Look away! Wrapped in the comfort of consumerism – It costs a fortune to keep the devils at bay. Petrified voices sound so truly … Continue reading

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Dow Chemical’s Waste

A Poem by Ali Znaidi                 Of blackened river,   black thick layers on a white pure river fill passerby’s nose with delinquent aroma.   And all but fat frogs keep showing off their sinews, gluttonously sipping the stained water … Continue reading

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A Poem by Devlin De La Chapa She wrote them letters- long letters, short letters, letters of anger, letters of boycott, letters of lawsuits, but all those letters written were just letters wasted of precious time from the man she … Continue reading

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