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Dear Agent Orange

A Video Presentation by Ricki E. Bellos, Colleen Miller and Jim Purtell

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Unsent letter #10

A Prose Poem by Anon ymous I want you to forget you love me. Forget how trees scallop the sky, the way the horizon shuns the stars. I want you to bury the words you gave to me. The ones … Continue reading

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Agent Orange Baby

A Poem by A. J. Huffman   I opened my eyes and screamed so loud I turned my skin inside out. Forcing the blood I had left to the surface.   Once I was painted, I was silent. There was nothing … Continue reading

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Dow’s* Accommodations

A Poem by A. J. Huffman I shove chairs in my mouth for your comfort and my convenience. My knees are not meant to support us both. Relax, let me welcome you in my own way. My tongue is made … Continue reading

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philanthropic PR

A Poem by Sarah Khan they’ve erected in-fra-stuct-ure in the form of half-hearted cell towers– eerily reminiscent of moai– in rural burkina faso; bestowed seeds on haitian and indian farmers to establish de-pen-den-cy; promised to feed all (those alive) with … Continue reading

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The Earth is Crying

A poem by Charlyne Van Oosbree The earth is crying, “What more do you want from me?” she asks. “I’ve given you my rice paddies, my oil, my rich black soil.”  — The earth is crying. “What more do you … Continue reading

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