Monsanto’s Fog

A Poem by M. Lapin and Richard D. Hartwell

and the sun comes up with the hues of Agent Orange,
Monsanto gray–fiery like the breath of the devil.
These nurses, these chaplains, these soldiers…
sprayed down the great clouds of poison on the forest
and let it enter into themselves–generation after generation,
the Monsanto children, the Dow Chemical children,
the Chiari Zipperheads, the mutations and dead babies–
and nowhere does the blue sky peek through,
nowhere is there a cloud of comfort, nowhere is…
and when the moon falls over this day and night cools,
the victims of Agent Orange–all of them who made it home
only to die, all of them who were born with altered DNA,
all of them who hide in glass bottles in repositories,
I don’t know–the fog grows in thickness over all of us

and Monsanto’s fog continues,
roiling, rolling across the land,
now with purpose-changed DNA,
super-sizing grains to feed
appetites of investors, those
invested in themselves, not in
a future of the land or people.

and as Monsanto’s fog continues
rolling, roiling across the land,
ask yourself which one is worse:
spreading the devil’s fiery breath
without apology or recompense;
spewing out the sperm of fulsome
life latent with the genie of death;

or does Monsanto’s fog hold yet a worst?

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3 Responses to Monsanto’s Fog

  1. wolfess says:

    Goddess bless and praise HER that you have lived to tell our truth … my husband fought in both Korea and Vietnam when Monsanto and Dow were experimenting with agent orange. Our first son was born on October 6, 1972 and died two days later of cancer of the right adrenal gland. Our second son was born August 16, 1977 and is severely retarded.
    Putting them out of business isn’t anywhere close enough for what they have done and continue to do … these criminals need to be put in a windowless room and sprayed with Agent Orange for WEEKS with NO chance to escape their just punishment!

    Pwr 2 the AO-SUFFERING peons!

  2. Wolfess,

    Can you please also leave your comment at


    Michael H. Brownstein, Admin

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