From GMO’s to Geoengineering- What is at Stake? My Anti-Monsanto March Speech

A Speech by Raphaelle O’Neil


Hello! My name is Raphaelle O’Neil, and I’d like to start off by thanking the organizers for getting it together today so we can join the WORLD in saying, “HELL NO, MONSANTO!! WE DON’T WANT YOUR GMOs!” AND, I want to thank YOU all for adding your voice and numbers to our common goal- FOOD SOVEREIGNTY.

I don’t care what your politics are- Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or Green Party doesn’t matter… if you do not have clean air food and water, what good are your politics? A simple definition of Fascism is when the corporation swallows the state… and that is EXACTLY what we had when our President (and I voted and campaigned for him- THE FIRST TIME, so no partisan accusations, please!), signed the Monsanto Protection Act, which nullifies the actions of a court that’s ruled in favor of protecting farmers, the environment and public health, allowing Monsanto to proceed with their toxic science experiments, despite court injunction, overstepping the well-being and will of the people.

Why is food sovereignty so important? Because government is not only pairing up with scientists to control our food, but they want to control ALL of life. Sound extreme? Just a few years ago, the thought that Monsanto would soon be trying to take over ALL of the world’s seed supply did too, and yet today, the EU is threatening to ban Heirloom seeds. How can you ban NATURE while protecting Franken foods? This goes against not only common sense, but conscience, as well.

You see they do not stop at food… our government along with the industrial military complex, and the corporations they serve, want and DO control the weather, as well. They say they want to combat global warming with Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering- chemical spraying of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and other chemical cocktails, to create a shield that would block out the sun. But they fail to admit that they HAVE been spraying us with that for years already, and THAT is the REAL underlying reason for climate change. The weather started getting screwy and breaking global heat records as soon after they started their widespread Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program, which is more accurately & popularly known as CHEMTRAILS. Chemtrails is also paired with other technologies involving electromagnetic scalar, as well as HAARP which is an ionospheric heater, notoriously blamed for the Tsunami on Fukushima and other earthquakes and mass animal kills. Though HAARP will deny having the capacity to create earthquakes, it is no secret that it does heat the ionosphere, and when that happens, the upper atmosphere expands, sucking air currents out of their path, creating imbalances in the earth’s natural wind systems and flow. Do you slightly older folks, like me, remember when on the weather channel the jet stream would come in from the west and flow off to the east, with slight dips here and there…? And NOW, we have these sort of LAND HURRICANES of big swirling systems, that seem to come from who knows where, or crazy dips that zag way south, and makes sharp and drastic sudden turns? These changes to our weather systems are not nature based.

Most people have NO IDEA that technology has passed them up, and the corporate bought media (there’s only 6 corporations that own ALL media- from FOX news to CNN), LITERALLY refuses to acknowledge the phenomena of chemtrails, nor discuss that our government has been ACTIVELY involved in climate changing technologies, even while they claim to worry about “climate change”. HOW CAN YOU HONESTLY DISCUSS CLIMATE CHANGE WITHOUT DISCUSSING CLIMATE CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES?? But despite their silence, people the world over are documenting incredible changes to their atmosphere starting back in 1996. Now… they’ve been experimenting with cloud seeding and weather modification, weaponized and otherwise, for decades and the history of rainmakers goes back centuries (just check out the book RAINMAKERS at the library), but the wide scale implementation of modern day technologies didn’t start to go into effect and get wide scale notice until 1996. 1996 was ALSO the year Monsanto started its global planting campaign. Now it may be a coincidence that 1996 brought us the start of both the widespread & global chemtrail program, and the global GMO agenda, but here’s another connection the 2 programs have in common. There are many different “cocktails” that can make up Chemtrails, (and in just another minute, I’ll give you another ingredient), but the main one and the one that has been coming up in rain samples independent researchers have taken the world over is aluminum… interestingly enough, Monsanto has aluminum tolerant seeds that fare better than organic seeds in our new toxic world, and like the movie “What in the World Are They Spraying” shows, organic farmers are being forced to switch seeds to keep the crop count up. Are you starting to get the picture? Yes? NO? Ok… how about one WELL DOCUMENTED connection that chemtrails and MONSTERato have in common- AGENT ORANGE. It was MONSANTO that created agent orange, the chemical responsible for thousands of deformed children and sick service men after they “experimented” with it in Vietnam. They dispersed it from a plane via CHEMTRAILS. So you see, chemtrails have many more applications besides controlling the weather. But, let me give you another ingredient reported in chemtrails.

Who here has heard of Morgellons? Morgellons is a disease that Joni Mitchell is suffering from. The CDC REFUSES to recognize it as anything more than a delusion of the mind, and yet, 1,000’s of people worldwide suffer from it. Morgellons should more accurately be called Genetically Modified Organism Disease, because what it really is, is a self-replicating, synthetic life form that does not exist anywhere in nature, because it was created in a lab. It is contagious, and there is no cure. Of the 6 people I have met who have it, 2 of them are absolutely certain that they got it from touching funny web-like fallout after chemtrails, and 1 of them from getting caught in “FUNNY RAIN”. So I believe we have a lot of incentive to start caring about what is going on above us in our skies.

Even though Morgellons is scary, I know a 60 year old Cajun Grandmother in Kaplan, Louisiana who has been symptom free for over 6 months, by taking a protocol of medicinal herbs & eating organic. You see our health starts at eating organic. If we allow them to take away our right to medicate ourselves via natures best and ancient FARMacy, we will have nothing but illness in our futures. Just blocks from here they are currently working on the largest construction project in the history of Louisiana- the medical corridor. Building after building is being constructed to make room for all the sick people they are expecting. That’s because they KNOW we will be sick. That’s because they KNOW they are MAKING us sick.

Anyone heard of Codex Alimentarius? It is an International Globalist standard for food quality that actually labels nutrients as toxins. The goal is to have individual countries LOWER their food standards so that they won’t be left out of the international trade privileges these ELITE BUSINESS INTERESTS control. When Codex Alimentarius is in full implementation, people will start dying of malnutrition WITH food. I won’t get into it here, so please go home and google Codex Alimentarius, google chemtrails and HAARP- H-A-A-R-P, google Morgellons…

But, “WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THESE THINGS?” Please! Stop looking for logic in the mentality of power hungry psychopaths… if you are not sick in the head, you will NOT understand, and that is a GOOD thing, but if you need a reason, HE WHO CONTROLS THE WEATHER, CONTROLS the FOOD. And like Kissinger says, “control food and you control the people.”

“But HOW could they do it? Isn’t there a law against spraying us with chemicals and biological agents?” Actually, YES, there IS a law that states that the Department of Defense can NOT spray us under any circumstances, it’s called Public Law 105-85. BUT…. but here is the FIRST of 3 listed EXCEPTIONS to that law: (1) ANY peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity. Public Law 105-85 was conveniently written the year after the global chemtrail and GMO program went into full swing… guess they wanted to cover their asses!

Again, what else do you absolutely need, besides clean air food, and water (and btw, we pay to have Rat Poison added to our water- Fluoride is industrial waste that has NO BENEFITS to teeth when consumed- the Nazis used to put it into the water in the gulags to sedate the population!)? Well there is one more thing you might need, and that is the RIGHT TO FIGHT for those things. You might think “it’s a free country, we have that right!” but at midnight of 2012, President Obama signed another document hardly anyone knows about- the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA FY2012). The NDAA is an annual military budget, but in 2012 it had 2 clauses Obama added to it, which provide for the indefinite MILITARY detention without charge or trial of anyone, including AMERICANS associated as being a “terrorist”. “No problem”, you say, “I’m NOT a TERRORIST”. Are you sure about that? Do you know who the number one potential terror suspect is on the DHS list? Vets returning home from war. I’m not kidding- LOOK IT UP. DHS also lists those who are “reverent of individual liberty”, and groups who are “single-issue” as potential terrorist, and guess what- THAT’S US! Scientist Hank Campbell recently said the Anti-GMO movement was “eco-terrorism”. They threatened American journalist Alexa O’Brien with indefinite detention for exposing drone attacks and doing REAL investigative journalism. The NDAA is the authority on which predator drones stand, and the reason we get to have them fly over our heads during Jazz Fest. With the NDAA half of the rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights is DESTROYED. That is why, if we plan on continuing to fight for food freedom or against injustice, we must also reverse the unconstitutional NDAA which threatens our very right to do so.

I know this has been a lot of hard to hear and depressing information, and I thank you for your patience and courage in listening to it all, but the reason I painted such a big picture, is so that you can see where we are at, and where we are heading, and that remaining silent now, or allowing our fear to overwhelm and paralyze us, will enslave and kill us tomorrow. Our children deserve a better world- so lets FIGHT FOR IT!


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