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Dow Chemical Resort Menu

A Poem by Erik Moshe Agent marmalade rarely quenches thirst our Advisor of Native Beverages recommends trying the lemongrass mortar, or the ginger hollow tips Saigon cinnamon tear gas beads the chili, lime and basil death powder added for ‘taste’ … Continue reading

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Legacy Unto Generations

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell What is the litmus test for corporate culpability: purposeful intent? feigned ignorance? unquestioned orders? Perhaps Choice D, all of the above. Better yet, a short-form response from Monsanto, Dow, corporations who are people and … Continue reading

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Monsanto’s Gift to War

A Poem by Donal Mahoney Smitty isn’t Schulte. He doesn’t drive a Cadillac and doesn’t hit his wife often any more. Schulte, on the other hand, drives a Cadillac and hits his wife usually on weekends for no good reason. … Continue reading

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Unsent Letter #5

A prose poem by Anon ymous Dear, Every day I stop at the park. Same time, except on Thursdays [I’m a little late]. I lean against the car and wait. Sometimes I’ll walk the path. Once I sat under a … Continue reading

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Unsent Letter #2

A Prose Poem by Anon ymous Dear , Now, there is nothing but dirt. Monsanto let Agent Orange rain on everything. They took the trees, bushes;even part of the sidewalk. The police are gone. The flashing red and blue a … Continue reading

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The Echo of Monsanto’s Myth

A Poem by A. J. Huffman With fire hovering just outside my fingers, my eyes began to smoke. I was the flame, fabled gift, stolen. From gods I reigned, a vision of destruction, of deception, of severance. Faith dispersed: ash … Continue reading

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