Satan’s Annual Report

A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Adolph’s been here since the Forties.
So have Benito and Tojo.
As soon as they arrived we gave
each of them a huge furnace.
They shovel coal all day and all night.
That’s what we do with celebrities
who have earned special attention.
We give it to them in spades.

Down through the centuries
we’ve been home to the best or the worst
people in government and business,
depending on how you look at it.

Check out Attila over there.
He’s been shoveling for centuries
and he’s getting pretty efficient.
We put Osama right next to him.
Osama’s so tall we had to order
our longest shovel yet.

We’re getting ready for Assad.
He could arrive any day now.
We put in a gas furnace for him.
He’ll shovel emissions.
Pol Pot will train him.

Pot’s done well foot-stomping grapes
in our Agent Orange fields.
He trained all the guys from Monsanto.
Now we’ll bring him up to speed on Sarin.
We expect a big influx of Sarin experts.
Sarin will be bigger than plastic.

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