Arnold Chiari Malformation

A Prose Piece by heather

from thread:

It is a very hard thing to think that the country we serve and the war we send our men and woman to can hurt and expose not only there genes, but also thieir families. Arnold Chiari Malformation may not all be from Agent Orange, but with my family it sadly is. With my daughter–both of her grandfathers were in the Vietnam War. My daughter has Chiari and had surgery when she was 15 years old. My son was nine when he was diagnosed with Chiari. We are waiting for his surgery. I have had to expect this reality and learn what has Agent Orange in it so we do not use it around our children. Some GMO’s you cannot get away from, but in the end if you have Chiari and I have Chiari and if there is a connection on why we have that in our genes, we should support all Chiarians. I’m sick. I have all the time in the world to learn. That’s what I do with my time.

Editor’s note: Many of the dangerous GMOs are manufactured by the same corporation that developed Agent Orange: Monsanto.

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