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This is how we can change the face of Monsanto

Give thanks to Tunkasila, for He has added one more day to your life, not because you need it–but because someone might need you. –Tiny Decory, Unofficial Mayor of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Oglala Lakota Native American Reservation

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Vandana Shiva On Seed Saving And The Fight For Biodiversity

An Interview by Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine Trained in physics and philosophy, Vandana Shiva is renowned for her activism against GMOs, globalization, and patents on seeds and traditional foods. She co-founded Navdanya, which promotes seed saving and organic farming … Continue reading

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How Monsanto Wastes Money In A Time Of Need

An Essay by the Project Agent Orange Admins: Monsanto spent over 4.2 million dollars on stopping Prop 522 from passing, yet it cannot—nor will it—pay any money towards helping Agent Orange victims here or anywhere else in the world. Our … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day and Beyond

A Poem by Shari Clark Dawn and the thunder is no longer in the sky, the ground moist with dew and rainfall, and the chemicals keep arriving, keep arriving, splatter the tarmacs, splatter human skin, but not the bottom line … Continue reading

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Our Democracy At Work

From a Letter by Jan Steinman It appears that I-522 has failed. Enjoying overwhelming support just six weeks ago, the numbers dropped in direct proportion to the money spent. We appear to have the best democracy money can buy. reading

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A Poem by Eric Otto monsanto dreams of brown bodies planting in the milpa, then jerks awake at the horror of such a world. monsanto’s frightened heart soon calms; such traditions will concede defeat in the face of pollens and … Continue reading

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Can Monsanto Cause A Robin to Become…

A Poem by Robin Freeland I’m at the wooded entrance just parked my car and I observe fresh drops of rain on the Ford next door with a robin slipping and sliding Up to the roof of the car her … Continue reading

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