Happy New Year’s From Dow Chemical

A Rant by M. Lapin

And we mean it.

We mean didn’t we cause havoc in Vietnam,
India, the Midwest of the USA?

Aren’t you glad we reintroduced
Agent Orange elements to rid
The plains of super-weeds and super-insects
Until we need to make it stronger
Because of new stronger super-weeds
And new and improved super-insects?

Thank you, EPA, USDA, USA.

Tonight make a toast to us
And tomorrow be thankful as our chemicals
Leach into soil and stream, river and lake,
Body and blood—

Who knows what shape humanity may become.

We are the deciders of how our species will look in the future,
The decision makers on who will not have eyes
And who will not have legs.

This is how we will celebrate the new year.

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