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When Monsanto Runs the USA–Wait a second. It already does:

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Why I Can’t be Poetic

A Prose/Poem/Essay by Richard D. Hartwell   I write poetry, some of it good, but when I started to compose verse about the impact of Dow, Monsanto and my government on Vietnam, I cried. I just couldn’t put into poetic … Continue reading

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The Fiftieth American War/Viet Nam War Commemoration

This is from rdhartwell, one of our forum members and an American War (Viet Nam War) veteran. He was responding to me when I asked him how he felt about the following threads: He gave me permission … Continue reading

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Dear Monsanto, I am writing this letter to say thank you to Chairman and CEO, Hugh Grant, and the distinguished Board of Directors of the Monsanto Company. I was fortunate at a young age to experience your largesse when you … Continue reading

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