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The Stuff

A Poem by John “tribley” Hosier Jr. they told us it wouldn’t hurt us and we figured “why would they lie” we had enough to worry about ends up it killed more of us than the war and it keeps … Continue reading

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The Damage Monsanto Has Caused

Information about genetically modified microbes, bacteria, etc. and how they negatively impact on our biosphere:

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To the Directors Past and Present of Monsanto and Dow Chemical:

A poem by Melvin L. Johnson When the blood lines pull taunt and your evil is done, The hell bound and ugly come on the run Cross cutting fields, tearing down wheat, Swallowing your souls because evil is sweet. The … Continue reading

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Agent Orange Old Man in a New Body

A Poem by Gloria Stevens How is it to be this old this new feet and hands and head Agent Orange: Monsanto’s blood transfusion, Dow’s tissue transplant. Uniroyal’s gift of skin. Look hard, but not away stockholders, you who are … Continue reading

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