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PLUME… Remembering Monsanto & Dow

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett I have aged by my crying river where the water-weed Harbours a sodden almanac. In this hemisphere the rain Tendrils red Upon a parched heart; its shape Abstruse –, a dropped star. Well recounted is … Continue reading

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Monsanto’s Portraits of Vietnamese children with Agent Orange

A Collection by DonnaB Warning: The images in the links below may be disturbing.

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A Historiography of USA/Monsanto Empathy

A Historiography by Richard D. Hartwell With regard to the inequity of care for Agent Orange disabilities provided to US service members as opposed to that provided to the Vietnamese, I will let the following references, and … Continue reading

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Monsanto Fairy Tale

A Work by P.F.W.T.S. “My, my, grandmother, what a huge selection of fast foods, corn syrups and GMOS you have for us to eat again.” “Better to fatten you for my feast later.”

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett “After Monsanto & Dow Chemical” You have to step out of it, the pain Of being too concerned With who devastated reason And the cause Of why nightingales elude. You have to Shake off the … Continue reading

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