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’caused by GM pesticides’ –Thank You, Monsanto

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Here is the planet without Monsanto: Here is the planet because of Monsanto:

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Agent Orange Sponsored by Monsanto, Dow Chemical…

A List Poem by The Children of Vietnam Health Alliance GRANDCHILDREN OF VIETNAM VETERANS, THIRD GENERATION, AGENT ORANGE DIOXIN BIRTH DEFECTS & HEALTH ISSUES 1. 16p deletion in DNA: 2. Abdominal Migraines 3. Abdominal Scar Tissue Growth 4. Alopecia Universalis … Continue reading

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett The jury’s asleep, the hologram Hangs tickets on itself. I want to ingest your mind And set it Free-walking. Given the chance, I want to return Civilisation To its civilians as A mechanical golden glove … Continue reading

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