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Awaiting Arrest

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell Yeah, I placed more cards today; in fact, I’m almost out of them. Yeah, those cards, the ones condemningMonsanto’s legacy, the ones I place on Roundup® displays in Costco®, Lowe’s® and Home Depot® every … Continue reading

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Monsanto’s Gift to us for Christmas

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Congratulations Veterans! The Toxic Exposure Research Act is Part of a Bill That Just Passed the House and Senate–Another Victory Against Monsanto, Dow and Others

Just Plain God News: On Saturday, the Miller-Blumenthal Veterans Health Care and Benefits Act, H.R. 6416 passed the senate. The bill passed both the House and the Senate by unanimous approval and is now on the way to the President’s … Continue reading

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MEMORANDUM, Answer the Question Monsanto

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett Where’s your regiment; What cargo Do you Carry from Happening To Happening!

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MULTIPLICATION: After Monsanto & Dow Chemical

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett What shall we do with the wounds? We are imprisoning the thorns. What shall we do with the thorns? We must save them For the final dictator. What shall we do with the final dictator? … Continue reading

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