Birth Defects

A Poem by Shari Clark

I ask you, stockholders,
investors, money makers,
money movers, Monsanto
terrorists, Dow Chemical
criminals, I ask you:

is it right to place the cost of poison ahead of the cost of people?

Is it right to injure the newborn with chemical and herbicide,
with lie and sin,
because profit in wealth is greater than the profit in the betterment of humanity?

Is it right to cause birth defects in the innocent so you can have more, more profits, more wealth?

I ask you, do you attend my church?
Do you know my God?
I ask you, when will you learn
money is for the good of mankind,
not the good of one man.

When did man become God?
When did Monsanto become God?
When did Dow Chemical become God?
When did the Church of God
become the Church of Profit,
Lies and Sin, Chemicals and Herbicides?

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