DREAM VOLLEY; Summer of ‘69 for Mick (Never Forgetting Monsanto and Dow Chemical)

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

I wanted to come back.
The stones had not moved
Since my passing.
A cock still crowed late,
Past daylight.
The windmill sat stern,
Forever unturned.

Wildflowers hugged the back door.
The old dog… once a pup,
Rolled over in the shade
Of the ghost gum,
Forgetting he knew
How to bark; forgetting
What it means to howl.

I wanted to come back. Not
As a will-o’-wisp
Or love’s mercenary…

I wanted to come back, but not ever
With the Nobel Prize for insecurity
Wedged in the crook of my arm.

I wanted to come back.
As keen as a new grass-blade.
A pinnacle within a dream

… I wanted. I wanted that.

The dew lay like premature tears.
Perhaps the earth wept!
Indisputably, my knees sank
Into heart’s soil
That seemed to melt.
To forgive.
A little.

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