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Monsanto Does It Again

This miracle weed killer was supposed to save farms. Instead, it’s devastating them. –By Caitlin Dewey

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Misanthropic Monsanto

A Poem by Jennifer Hollie Bowles Excuse me, misanthropic Monsanto, but the anti-Christ is manifesting in your herbicide glysophates and poly- urethanes, and this black-soul garbage truck your pushing is an apocalypse, far worse than horns and dogma or even … Continue reading

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European Glyphosate Safety Report Copy-Pasted Monsanto Study

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THE WHAT OF FOREVER (Without Monsanto & Dow Chemical)

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett Away with the leaf’s Star face And the jagged air, I make My notes On the overflow Of night’s Visible rhetoric For you to come And go As you please… For you To pass Unseen.

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A Poem by M. Lapin Once I listened to a poet (but I cannot remember her name or the title of her poem) who wrote lines about Cincinnati using the Yellow Pages, the names of corporations, factories, the outpouring of … Continue reading

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