A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

Monsanto’s –

“Sustainable Agriculture”
“Product Stewardship”
“Ensuring Environmental Standards”
“Protecting the Safety of Communities and People”

Buoyed up by destructive agents:

“Elite seed genetics with cutting-edge traits,”
with depleted nutrition and strain-designed sterility;
“Weed control products,”
requiring more applications in increased quantity;
“Glyphosate and Roundup,”
surface application, with soil and water contamination.

Held aloft by outlandish promises:

“Combating insects,”
including killing Monarch butterflies and honey bees;
“Controlling weeds,”
but creating mutated, outlaw weeds on steroids;
“Increasing productivity,”
except when compared to best-farming practices.

Maintained only by Monsanto’s monetary motivation:

They made millions from the sale of DDT,
deadly only to the disease-carrying insects,
until found to kill humans and contaminate water, too;

Billions made from the sale of Agent Orange,
deadly only to the enemy’s jungle concealment,
until found to kill humans and mutilate embryos, too;

Hundreds of billions from glyphosate and Roundup,
deadly only to the weeds choking nutritious crops,
until found to kill humans and their generations, too;

Trillions to be made from the sales of sterile, designer seeds,
deadly only to farmers’ income for required annual re-purchase,
until found later to kill seed-banks, the future and perhaps humans, too.

Note: All quoted material from

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