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NGO Justice Pesticides One of the results of the Monsanto Tribunal was the creation of the NGO Justice Pesticides in July 2017. It aims at making legal data on pesticides cases from all around the world available to all, regardless … Continue reading

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BT Technique Failure

Monsanto Tribunal Not only weeds are beating Monsanto and biotech warfare. A small, thin, gray moth is creating havoc in the cotton fields of India: its larva, a caterpillar – called the pink bollworm for its pink banding – eats … Continue reading

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Dicamba Disaster: Monsanto’s stillborn child?

Monsanto Tribunal Dicamba Disaster: Monsanto’s stillborn child? Monsanto’s commercial success is based on the combination of seeds and herbicide. Millions of acres in the world are covered with Monsanto Roundup crops: soy, corn, D, canola, cotton, etc. Both seeds and … Continue reading

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett for Monsanto & Dow Chemicals Since there’s the scarcity Of timbre to it, what Is it that’s Been fleeced From me! Separate tables! A bogus Wine waiter! And The tuning-fork Of a sublet Indefinable Symphonic … Continue reading

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