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BT Technique Failure

Monsanto Tribunal Not only weeds are beating Monsanto and biotech warfare. A small, thin, gray moth is creating havoc in the cotton fields of India: its larva, a caterpillar – called the pink bollworm for its pink banding – eats … Continue reading

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Dicamba Disaster: Monsanto’s stillborn child?

Monsanto Tribunal Dicamba Disaster: Monsanto’s stillborn child? Monsanto’s commercial success is based on the combination of seeds and herbicide. Millions of acres in the world are covered with Monsanto Roundup crops: soy, corn, D, canola, cotton, etc. Both seeds and … Continue reading

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett for Monsanto & Dow Chemicals Since there’s the scarcity Of timbre to it, what Is it that’s Been fleeced From me! Separate tables! A bogus Wine waiter! And The tuning-fork Of a sublet Indefinable Symphonic … Continue reading

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