Why is the Bayer-Monsanto Merger Dangerous

The Center for Food Asfety

By now you’ve seen the ominous headlines: The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) just approved the merger of two chemical corporate giants, Monsanto and Bayer. With Bayer buying out Monsanto for $62.5 billion, this is the largest all-cash buy-out in history.

Why is this deal so dangerous?

This megamerger and others by transnational chemical companies signify an even greater effort to promote and push pesticide-dependent GMO crops around the world, and ever greater amounts of toxic pesticides on the market and in our food.

But the problems don’t stop there.The new chemical giant, Monsanto/Bayer, will own about 1/3 of all the world’s commercial seeds. They will have a virtual lock on vegetable seeds, own 3/4 of corn seeds and almost the same percentage of cotton seeds. Now only 10 companies own 73% of the entire world’s commercial seed supply.

This monopoly on seeds means that Monsanto/Bayer and these other mega-corporations can raise the prices of seeds at will, wreaking havoc on farm communities in the US and internationally. Moreover, Monsanto/Bayer gets to decide which seeds to make available to farmers, gardeners and the public. And since these corporations sell pesticides in addition to seeds, they will try to provide and promote only genetically engineered (GE) seeds to farmers, seeds designed to use Monsanto/Bayer brand pesticides, and make it difficult to find and purchase non-GE and organic seeds.

The result? Monsanto/Bayer controls our food supply! And because it’s pushing GE crops, this monopoly creates a massive reduction in seed diversity and availability of seeds around the world. This is especially tragic because we desperately need that seed diversity to have food security, decrease hunger, and deal with the changing agricultural conditions created by climate change.

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