Key West ll

A Poem by Stephen A. Rozwenc

ha ha ha
your mind caught in your zipper
like a mask without a flipper

like a hip hop stripper homophobic
lap dancing on some honky tonk bar
Howdy Doody constituent

her oxycodone swabbed medulla oblongata
a mindless sea shell
oracle vagina
that slides into the Doody’s side pocket
to check his ID
to find out what kind of death
is appropriate
for a real estate parasite life
and how much money
he’ll hide in the washing machine
to keep it their secret religion

we’re in Key West now baby
we’ve got all the new labels

Jose Cuervo humping Jack Daniels
bulb pink Elvis flashing le petit mal go-go boots
Marilyn Monroe post-op sillycone boobs
papa Hemingway cojones brains disdain

give me
your tired your poor your huddled dildo stores
hope dope and semen smugglers galore
reciting eloquent penis soliloquies

hail Mary Natasha Halenka Treblinka
millions of Russian Italian Irish Cuban Israeli
Polish Chinese Japanese African Mexican muslim
immigrant fairytales
pierced belly buttons selling T-shirts and trinkets by day
squirming on sex slave backs by night
in some cocaine dealer sugar shack
owned by the photo-electric gun runner politician
full of grace

we’re in Key West NOW baby
where good and evil dress up
as sex death and money
for slick street corner threesomes

blessed art thou amongst islands
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb
transcontinental concubine
her sooty homeless toes
like corn row strings of rain
that pray for us sinners
in the hour of our blessed terror
lounges lemon jello demure
a toenail red
fire hydrant
scratching her luxury street suite
she’s our incest bred
junk bond
virgin queen statue lady
of liberty
suicide scream sacrament
of an entire culture
to die
and she knows just how
do it

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