A Sort of Poem by M. Lapin

–The UN Human Rights Council has concluded that human rights law sets certain obligations on States to guarantee that the right to enjoy a healthy environment is respected. The Monsanto Tribunal
hearings allowed for the gathering of testimonies related to various impacts on human health (especially on farmers), soils, plants, aquatic organisms, animal health and biodiversity.
–from The legal opinion of the Monsanto TribSo Bayer purchased Monsanto

So Bayer purchased Monsanto and believed everything would now be OK.

133 lawsuits in the tube moving against them.

A two billion penalty in a successful suit out of California.

No dam to stop the damage claims,
no river to back all of the garbage down the drain,
no train to carry the poisons to secret places,
no mountains to hide the guilt,
no snow to degrade the evidence,
but now the punishment goes to who started the punishing–
stakeholders, stock owners, corporations.

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