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A Painting by Józef czapski See also: Józef Czapski A LIFE IN TRANSLATION by KEITH BOTSFORD

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett During Monsanto & Dow Chemicals One blade of grass will weather all seasons, trawl a spider’s thread through the Chimera wound as D-Day approaches. Listen. Do you hear the crib shrieking empty in the holster … Continue reading

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Helping a neighbor suffering from Agent Orange

An essay By Morris Dean I learned today that Michael H. Brownstein, the author of a little book of poetry I’m reading, happens to be the head administrator of Project Agent Orange. Learning this reminded me of an email from … Continue reading

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett She died, and the micaceous almost summer winds Dizzily scudded across Arizona Via the Pacific Crest Piercing Sacramento’s side. Neither dust Nor blind intervention Rattled that topaz blue. She left, with a casket of leaves … Continue reading

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A Poem by Thomas L. Brown Monsanto muddied the waters, Monsanto muddied the landscape, burnt the hands of children and took the fingernails of men left the cancer to grow generation after generation squashing everything in its way and while … Continue reading

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