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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett Reading a teacup the headlines carry guns From her new book, Hoka-Hey-Completeness, Burringbah Books, 2019.

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Murder Creek

A poem by Maik Strosahl I buried my sin in the muddy bank of Murder Creek, washed the blood from my hands and walked away, a great weight lifted. I prayed, first time in forever, prayed— not for forgiveness, but … Continue reading

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A Short Story by DC Diamondopolous A ray of sun strikes the copper’s badge and bounces off, lighting up the voting box inside H. L. Drugstore in me South Bronx neighborhood. Now washed and mended, I wear the same once-blood-splattered … Continue reading

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A Poem by Anon ymous Paint me the Agent Orange sky.  I want to remember the fable of the bees. You told it to me the weekend we lived with the monks; told me we had to make love quietly … Continue reading

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This is how the one percent celebrate the earth

A Prose Poem Editorial by Sanjay Verma Why is Dow responsible for the situation? No one disputes the fact that Dow bought Union Carbide after the disaster occurred. But when Dow purchased Union Carbide, it took on liability for the … Continue reading

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