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A Poem by Devlin De La Chapa Plowing through the fields of lifewe lived the last of our best daysat war’s end, and though I realizeyou have always been my brotherI never thought of you as my friend, . . … Continue reading

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in excelsis Deo

A Poem by Anon ymous She is determined to find God, figures it’s easyto recognize a peddler when you hear one: a teller of tales,raconteur,that serpent in man’s clothing. She wonders if it is enough to flyinto the highest cloud … Continue reading

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A Poem by A.J. Huffman strike moment, I spark.  Catch, flame, fly. Consuming my surroundings, I sputter, cough, chokeon the repercussions of my success.  Flicker, fallout.  Puff, I slink away in one last breathof smoked regret. Thousands of miles away, a … Continue reading

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A Poem by Linda M. Crate Judgments are basedon appearances always,and now more than everpeople are ripping apartothers on clothing or bodyshape alone. Imagine, Monsantoand Dow Chemical, yourgrandchild with deformed limbs,your family starving to death.The stretch would be toogreat for … Continue reading

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A poem by Sao Mai Nguyen DioxinDioxin kills weedI knew it from Monsanto’s RoundupDow has produced a similar oneI found it in the soilNot only just thatInside the veteran’s body who had sacrificed for his countryNot only just thatIt … Continue reading

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