A Poem by Linda M. Crate

Judgments are based
on appearances always,
and now more than ever
people are ripping apart
others on clothing or body
shape alone. Imagine, Monsanto
and Dow Chemical, your
grandchild with deformed limbs,
your family starving to death.
The stretch would be too
great for your imagination.
You should be ashamed.
Is your defense the rich deserve
to profit off the backs of the poor?
You’re just as greedy as the politicians,
but at least they didn’t poison us
with anything but lies.
You’ve murdered families and starved
children of love, how can you look in the mirror
and live with yourself knowing your atrocities?
Origami with folded wings pushes against
the wind in a way, these children
shamed from the eyes of the world cannot—
they parish long before they began
not knowing this world would try to
mold them in their mantra of beauty and
reject them because you couldn’t let them conform.

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