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A Painting by Philip Guston

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Enemies of the State–Covin 19

Today we decided to do something a bit different. The virus is out of controll in the USA. Here’s a website we think will help you navigate the disease. But before you click on the link, why the title of … Continue reading

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philanthropic PR

A Poem by Sarah Khan they’ve erected in-fra-stuct-urein the form of half-hearted cell towers– eerily reminiscent of moai– in rural burkina faso; bestowed seedson haitian and indian farmersto establish de-pen-den-cy;promised to feedall (those alive)with biotechnology; “improving”agriculture—“improving” lives cowering behind nomenclature:asgrow-fontanelle-kruger-dekalb-lariat-deltapine-roundup-concentraterea … Continue reading

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Women of the Tempest

A Poem by Maik Strosahl Based on a painting by Richie Uni Verse —-for all the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Hear our windswhistling in your ears,uttering wordsof the storm coming—it is here,blowing awaythe leaves of our daughters,yet you do … Continue reading

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