Justice for French Farmer and Pesticide Victim Paul François

Summary by the Monsanto Tribunal

In October 2020, the French Supreme Court rejected Monsanto’s last appeal and decided that the company is liable for health damage to French farmer Paul François, who was a witness in the International Monsanto Tribunal. This is the final decision in a long legal battle of almost 14 years. The farmer had sued Monsanto for intoxication and illness related to the lack of labelling of Lasso herbicide. He won at the first instance, then on appeal and finally at the Court of Cassation. Now the Lyon Court of Justice will decide on the amount of damage to be paid. You can find the verdict on the website of Justice Pesticides, an organisation that collects all court cases and jurisprudences on pesticides in the world as information to help victims of pesticides. The organisation is closely connected to the Monsanto Tribunal and offers a tool in English and French for information and cooperation of victims, thanks to a database of legal cases that will help them to act themselves.

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