The Agent

A Poem by Dang Duc Nhu

~In Memory of John L. Norton, US Army
9/1941 to 3/2006
A.O. Victim of the poisons of Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others.

I am the reminder.
I am a herald of sorrow and anguish..
Pain and misery precede me on my appointed rounds.
I collect on debts owed. I am the keeper of receipts.
My list of diagnosis grows. I grow.
I am the Agent.

Through the years my disguises are many.
The result is the same.
I am irresistible, unstoppable, though once preventable, now terminal.
Look here to the dark angel of a generation misguided and mismanaged.
I am the way to this inglorious and undeserved end.
I have the last word.
I am the Agent.

I am the instrument of early demise ongoing.
I am a corrupter of men’s ideal and intentions.
I am the Agent.

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