Why is there a past?

A Quote from Unknown

The past is the devil–you can’t fix the past and you can’t run from it. It’s always behind you, the devil chasing and chasing, but you can forgive and ask for forgiveness. This alone will chase the devil onto another path.

Pesticide corporations–Why is it you cannot ask forgiveness for your sins, but must keep piling them up higher and higher until…

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2 Responses to Why is there a past?

  1. moristotle says:

    “We can ask forgiveness for our sins” begs the question: WHOM do we ask? Individuals we have wronged, if we can get in touch with them, but with many we cannot. I believe the only sure answer is ourselves, if we can see our way to self-forgiveness. Or, for those inclined, “God” – perhaps “God, if there be such a one who cares.”

  2. moristotle says:

    The advertised books cycle much too quickly (in my opinion). Can you do anything to slow them down?

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