Another Lie Revisited: Jewish Ritual Murder

An essay by Steve Brownstein

A religious Christian woman concerned about anti-Semitism sent me a link to a series of anti-Semitic YouTube videos. This included graphic videos simulating what is claimed to be the ritual Jewish sacrifice of Christians. The title of one video, “Jewish ritual murder Revisited, The Hidden Cult”, has a cover picture of a man being slaughtered with his hands bound and a bowl beneath his cut throat filling with blood. The video has the caption, “Jewish ritual understanding blood libel.” The cover picture is available if anyone wants to see it.

One video features a man claiming to be a rabbi talking with a distorted, phony accent. The phony rabbi validates the Jew hating interviewer’s vile lies. The phony rabbi makes up lies about Jews sacrificing Christians, including children, and how the Talmud is a satanic text that allows for pedophilia, child sex trafficking, human sacrifice, slavery, stealing and cheating as long as it is done against the non Jew.

Some of the YouTube videos provided a warning as to the graphic, violent content and asked for the viewer to sign in to confirm the viewer is an adult. But it allowed for this vile content to be posted and watched. That is, until the woman took action and the videos were flagged and later taken down by YouTube.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The anti-Semites featuring this vile garbage will create different YouTube accounts under different names, and the whole process starts again. The amount of anti-Semitic material on social media, including mainstream social media, is enormous. The number of people that on their own try to counter the Joseph Goebbels of our time is miniscule. They fight a losing battle, and wonder how this is acceptable

If not for the random stumbling upon these several anti-Semitic YouTube channels filled with nothing but anti-Semitic videos, the content would remain, validating every Jew hater that watches and often adds a demented comment, along with influencing naïve people that know nothing about Jews and are all of a sudden learn that Jews are the most vile, murderous, evil creatures on the planet.

What will it take for a Jewish organization to establish an organized program, which can consist of volunteers if the funding is not available, that works in a coordinated manner to help weed out and counter the enormous amount of anti-Semitic content on YouTube and elsewhere in social media?

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1 Response to Another Lie Revisited: Jewish Ritual Murder

  1. Moristotle says:

    Seems incredible, but credible because I trust you as source. Thank you, Michael H. and Steve Brownstein.

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