Black woman protecting another from police standoff goes viral: ‘Power of Black sisterhood’

“How you doing, sis? You OK? What’s up? Can I sit with you?” Phoenix Robles, the 36-year-old activist, photographer and social worker can be heard asking as she films the situation and walks toward the peaceful protestor, identified in photos as Dorcas Monari. “We’re having a mental health crisis,” she tells officers, pleading with them not to make any decisions in haste. “I want to talk to her.” When Robles asks Monari why she is sitting in the road not far from the police station — in Brooklyn Center, Minn., where Daunte Wright was fatally shot during a traffic stop earlier this month and just miles away from where Derek Chauvin’s trial in the shooting death of George Floyd was underway — Monari simply says, “For George Floyd.” 

“I recognized she was in a state of distress [and] I knew why she was in a state of distress immediately, so I just, in that moment, wanted to focus on her,” Robles, who has degrees in human service and social work, tells Yahoo Life. “In my head, when I got out of that car, I knew I was either going to get them [to go] away, or one of us was going to die today. … I knew that they potentially were going to give me a hard time [and] that was going to be one of their options.”

Go to the link below, scroll down and you can view the entire video.

And this is why people of color are getting more and more angry–more and more stressed–more and more realizing that the only way to change things may have to be through peaceful confrontation because the powers to be, the powers that control too much, are so full of racism, they cannot see their way clear.

GOP Governor Candidate Amanda Chase Says Derek Chauvin Conviction ‘Makes Me Sick’

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