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A Sort of Poem by M. Lapin –The UN Human Rights Council has concluded that human rights law sets certain obligations on States to guarantee that the right to enjoy a healthy environment is respected. The Monsanto Tribunal hearings allowed … Continue reading

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Stick Woman

A Poem by Maik Strosahl Her eyes Ever focused Upon the path before her, Her frame bent As crooked The wood she has collected, Twigs to ignite The darkness ahead, A fire warming some rice To sate her growling belly. … Continue reading

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One Voice from a Mass Grave

A Poem by Maik Strosahl When the men came and dragged us to the edge of town, father kept encouraging me to be brave. They made us dig this hole. As dusk approached, they lined us around, allowed a moment … Continue reading

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Why Are You Walking?

A Poem by Carl Mayfield Fourth month of what’s next: Vietnam. My brother used plastic explosives and a questionable fuse to coax a five hundred pound bomb out of the mud, and when when it was time he picked up … Continue reading

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What the Barn Owls See

A Poem by Adrian Slonaker From a ruddy brick alcove at St. Francis Preparatory School, a duo of barn owls with onyx eyes witness the wisps of trampled grass and pools of putrid brown: another non-frozen January- the fourth in … Continue reading

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