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Vietnam 1972

A Poem by Shirley Skufca Hickman We cannot see the red bloodpouring from the woundson black and white TV.The commentator’s voicedrowns death soundsfrom our Asian war. We sit at tables full ofham and peas, and breadand glance at warbetween each … Continue reading

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Black woman protecting another from police standoff goes viral: ‘Power of Black sisterhood’ “How you doing, sis? You OK? What’s up? Can I sit with you?” Phoenix Robles, the 36-year-old activist, photographer and social worker can be heard asking as … Continue reading

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Ex Gratia

A Poem by Jon Freeland For Michael H. Brownstein “Monsanto” I was not there – chances are, neither were you.Chances are, those who were are here no longer.“Ah, but also no shorter!” is the hastilycopy-pasted reply, a wry attemptto monger … Continue reading

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A Poem by Michael Strosahl You already know these things.You already know how familieswere packed breathless,lungs expanded by gloomas they descended the cattle cars.You already know choices are not choicesat the wrong end of a gunand the lucky among uswere … Continue reading

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45 Years Later

A Poem by Devlin De La Chapa. he still talks about the hill,going up the hillcoming down the hillnot Hamburger hilljust a hill, in the middle of a placedisplaced by war’s chemicalscombative to communismcombative within himselfexasperated with his pastguarded of … Continue reading

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Parchment Farm Blues

A Music Videa by Bukka White

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Factory Farms

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Chapter 20–A New Plan from Unwanted President

A Section from a Novel by edRogers Chapter 20. A New Plan As Tom pulled down the drive to his house, he felt a warmth come over him. It had been almost a month and a half, but it felt like … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2021

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Rising Gardens are a defiant creative call for revival, restoration, and transformation. We cultivate in many ways including: Seed distribution through seed banks and exchanges; Artistic creations in the forms of zero waste food art in Bangladesh; Artistic risings featuring … Continue reading

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