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A Fable for the Bees

A Poem by Anon ymous Paint me the Agent Orange sky.  I want to remember the fable of the bees. You told it to me the weekend we lived with the monks; told me we had to make love quietly … Continue reading

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A Poem by Sherrie Acorn So I took the vitamin from the company that sues everyone even though they know they are wrong–how did I not know this?– and my liver went on a rampage. Did you know a lot … Continue reading

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Can a Robin Become…

A Poem by Robin Freeland I’m at the wooded entrance just parked my car and I observe fresh drops of rain on the Ford next door with a robin slipping and sliding Up to the roof of the car her … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Abuse

A Poem by Adri From the mouth of a woman being abused by her spouse, “I wonder if this is how my life will be from now until I die.” He pulls my hair. He slaps my face. He kicks … Continue reading

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The Last Toast

A Poem by Maik Strosahl I drink to the house already destroyed To my whole life, too awful to tell To the loneliness we together enjoyed I drink to you as well To the eyes the deadly cold imbued The … Continue reading

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A Disease Called Power

An Essay by Noris Roberts I will begin by pointing out that this is not intended to be a partisan political statement, to offend or attack anyone in particular. I write and express what I feel and observe, as a … Continue reading

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Harvest of Hate

A Poem by Wole Soyinka (stanzas 0ne and two) (Dow Chemical sold the US military napalm—a chemical that caused great fiery harm. Monsanto and Dow Chemical both were—and remain to this day—responsible for Agent Orange and the generations still very … Continue reading

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