THE WHAT OF FOREVER (Without Monsanto & Dow Chemical)

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

Away with the leaf’s
Star face
And the jagged air,
I make
My notes
On the overflow
Of night’s
Visible rhetoric

For you to come
And go
As you please…
For you
To pass

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A Poem by M. Lapin

Once I listened to a poet
(but I cannot remember her name
or the title of her poem)
who wrote lines about Cincinnati
using the Yellow Pages,
the names of corporations,
factories, the outpouring of chemical
into the early evening sky.
As I listened, I saw the sky
she saw, the setting sun,
the slow motion vibration of light
through pollution, the setting sun
caught in prisms, the end of day
wonderful with color, a drizzle
of compounds, everything
rainbowlithic. Years later a river
in that town caught fire.
So I ask you, Monsanto,
Dow Chemical, Uniroyal, can you
hear the beauty in that poem, too?
Did you see the splatter of spray
over American soldiers,
Vietnamese, the now extinct forest
wildlife and trees a display
of beauty? Did you not know
what it would cover, its effects
on people and life, the evolution
of humans to almost humans?
Did you not think the fish would change
and the water buffalo and the small peeper?
How could you not comprehend
the spread of poison down the Saigon River
into the oceans, the threads of life,
spreading its wealth into all of us?
The poet read a poem about dusk
in Cincinnati and I a poem
somewhat different, but still laden
with chemical and its rainbow of defects
that refuse to go away, but continue
until even rice might hold fire in its seed
burning its way slowly into all of us.

— First published by Asbestos Boots on Beatnik Feet

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Days of Our Lives

A Poem by Radek Ozog–inspired by the following newspaper article:

reading, one blue moon the old Ann Arbor MI News
news reads “population boom!
the a little towns has grown into small
big city problems have devolved
Detroit fellens moving in as the papers stated in march or something of 1970,
news papers bias reports
racism in “liberal progressive little collage town.”
misspelled news papers brown like
the dry aged Monsanto and Dow Chemical shit
leaking out tree city’s pfizer plants choke pipes coughing
black pipe skyscraper over green tree’s
so oxymoronic in nature
I’m feel sorry for the Little
who had spread the filth
god bless his soul!

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SHINE: The Gulf (for Tim), Before Monsanto & Dow Chemical

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

Because happenstance
To play truant

The colour
Of the smoke-house
Is indigo

Twirling much
As a prayer-wheel
Does before

The river wild
Sucks it on
Back up

A full throated
February gullet

The sandpiper.

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The Way Monsanto Destroyed My Way of Life

A Painting by a Vietnamese child who lives in the city of Dong Ha.

A Painting by a Vietnamese children who live in the city of Dong Ha.

A Painting by a Vietnamese children who live in the city of Dong Ha.

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A Poem by Gloria Stevens

2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) is a common herbicide found in Agent Orange developed by Monsanto and Dow Chemical and used around the home and garden.

Here is how you grow rich:
plant 2,4-D everywhere
letting it seek skin and water,
soil and everything in reach
until every seed owned
is owned by you.

Did we not see what happened
fifty years ago, the legacy
still with us, the Agent Orange
children and the Agent Orange
grandchildren–Viet Nam?…

Here is how we grow poor:
plant 2,4-D everywhere,
let the chemical ravage
everything until there is nothing
and then you too feel its teeth,
the saliva in its jaws.

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