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Monsanto’s Gift to War

A Poem by Donal Mahoney Smitty isn’t Schulte. He doesn’t drive a Cadillac and doesn’t hit his wife often any more. Schulte, on the other hand, drives a Cadillac and hits his wife usually on weekends for no good reason. … Continue reading

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The Echo of Monsanto’s Myth

A Poem by A. J. Huffman With fire hovering just outside my fingers, my eyes began to smoke. I was the flame, fabled gift, stolen. From gods I reigned, a vision of destruction, of deception, of severance. Faith dispersed: ash … Continue reading

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Vowel Movement

A Poem by Donal Mahoney When a writer lacks verbs and nouns he’s the victim of writer’s block. His mind may house too many consonants, too few vowels. Without vowels, his consonants congeal and become a mass. The result is … Continue reading

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Vacillating Benny and Monsanto Max

A Poem by Donal Mahoney Vacillating Benny, an ancient chemist now retired from Monsanto, must decide if a poem his friend Ron has sent to him is good enough for his hobby journal. Benny finally decides to let the poem … Continue reading

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From GMO’s to Geoengineering- What is at Stake? My Anti-Monsanto March Speech

A Speech by Raphaelle O’Neil From http://projectagentorange.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=4.msg5135#msg5135 Hello! My name is Raphaelle O’Neil, and I’d like to start off by thanking the organizers for getting it together today so we can join the WORLD in saying, “HELL NO, MONSANTO!! WE … Continue reading

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Why Monsanto must be stopped

A Speech by John Birdno It was a cold November morning in 1977. This man rushes into the emergency room carrying his 2 year old son. From the look of fear in his eyes, the doctors knew that this time, … Continue reading

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Monsanto’s Fog

A Poem by M. Lapin and Richard D. Hartwell and the sun comes up with the hues of Agent Orange, Monsanto gray–fiery like the breath of the devil. These nurses, these chaplains, these soldiers… sprayed down the great clouds of … Continue reading

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