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One Poisoned Flower

Devlin De La Chapa he brings to me a single white Gardenia faintly dusted in Agent Orange blossom he’s embarrassed to tell me about Nam, about the painted ladies in almond eyes or about how he dreamt about Dow Chem the color … Continue reading

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A Poem by A J Huffman 11 million or so gallons (no one’s exactly sure) of Monsanto’s Agent Orange showered the countryside. Five years of herbicidal holocaust. Our country’s line: it was necessary to deprive the Viet Cong of cover, … Continue reading

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Haiku for August 10th

Haiku by Gerald Smith August 10th, Justice Demands Compensation for All People, US Veterans of the Viet Nam War, Their Families, Children, Grandhildren, the Vietnamese People, Their Famileis, Children, and Grandchildren and the Cambodian People, Etc. Etc. Etc The poison … Continue reading

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A Section from the Poem: Eye Blades

A Poem by George Evans (The following section of this poem was written during the Viet Nam (American) War and predicts much of the continued harm to generation after generation caused by the continued actions and inactions of Monsanto and … Continue reading

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Harvest of Hate

Stanzas on and two from a Poem by Wole Soyinka (Dow Chemical sold theUSmilitary napalm—a chemical that caused great fiery harm. Monsanto and Dow Chemical both were—and remain to this day—responsible for Agent Orange and the generations still very much … Continue reading

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Magic Carpet Bombing

A Poem by David S. Pointer Military 12 gauge shotguns wouldn’t cut through the Vietnamese forest foliage Dow and Monsanto unfolding their North Korean forgotten War portfolio Agent Orange barrels bleed from the sky American kids see Combat and Rat … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Be Poetic

A Prose/Poem/Essay by Richard D. Hartwell I write poetry, some of it good, but when I started to compose verse about the impact of Dow, Monsanto and my government onVietnam, I cried. I just couldn’t put into poetic from the … Continue reading

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