We Are Rising

Music Video by Taína Asili

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Danny, a Monsanto Grunt

A Poem by A.G. Synclair

And he would often ramble on
about those grinning Cheshire cats

back slapping and palm pressing
natty, chatty, laugh a minute bedbugs

bleating broken tomes of conformity
laughing in Uncle Danny’s face

when he begged for a fresh air mask
when he lost days

and thirty-two dollars an hour
to violent lung spasms

and relentless vomiting.

Year after year
bloated pig bitch talk

squealing porcine leprous swine
massive circle jerk

step into my orifice
working class zero.

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and giving and giving and giving…

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Agent Orange–The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Round Up’s gift to all of us this holiday season

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The GMO Gift List–The Gift That Keeps On Giving


A post and poem by M. Lapin

GMOs have a history of being totally safe.–too many people so please read on

This Christmas do not give me GMO mistletoe,
do not place a wreath of evil on my door,
do not give me the Monsanto version of a Xmas tree,
and definitely do not give me any seeds.

I do not want resistant weeds, dead ladybugs,
a lack of monarch butterflies (last summer I saw three),
more poisons to harm the ecosystem,
more toxins to run into the water supply.

Nor do I want a rise in obesity, autism,
allergies, disease that may come from a change in genes,
Bt, glyphosate, biased research, scientists paid to lie,
journals bought to hide facts to create fictions

What I would be grateful for is a change of heart,
a lack of greed, a gift of love and charity
to help all of those with Agent Orange
(even though the courts said this would not be necessary),

but this is the gift I know you will take a pass,
alas, and say, can we offer you something else?
I guess I do not want a gift from Monsanto after all,
Please move away from my food and my plants.

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