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The legal opinion of the Monsanto Tribunal

The legal opinion of the Monsanto Tribuna– –has been spread to all corners of the world by social and official media. We have sent the text to a wide range of organizations and legal associations. We have not stopped Monsanto and its toxic business yet – but, of course, no one expected it would be that easy. However, it has been a major step towards a world without toxic chemicals. Monsanto is in trouble, not only because of the tribunal, but for many reasons: the authorization of Monsanto’s flagship Roundup (and its ingredient glyphosate) is expiring in the EU. People no longer accept damage to their health and sue Monsanto in court. The Tribunal and court cases have been exposing the way Monsanto works, and this helps to inspire others to show the true cost of Monsanto’s business. Films and books are released on this important topic as you can read below. Out in the fields, nature defends itself: more and more weeds are resistant to Roundup! Monsanto’s ‘solution’ to this problem, another very toxic herbicide dicamba – turns out to be a complete failure.

All this indicates that Monsanto’s toxic agriculture and extortion have reached their limits. An ever-growing number of people understand that we can and have to feed the world without poisoning it. A recent UN Report denounced the myth that pesticides are necessary to feed the world. We should reward farmers and not exploit them, we can work with nature instead of waging a war against it.

Please, help us to make that happen: spread the word.

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Monsanto Does It Again

This miracle weed killer was supposed to save farms. Instead, it’s devastating them.
–By Caitlin Dewey

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Misanthropic Monsanto

A Poem by Jennifer Hollie Bowles

Excuse me, misanthropic Monsanto,
but the anti-Christ is manifesting
in your herbicide glysophates and poly-
urethanes, and this black-soul garbage
truck your pushing is an apocalypse,
far worse than horns and dogma or even
instant catastrophe, because you’re the
needle-eye of acquiescence in politics,
the archetypal lobbying whore-scum
of profit who even tries to genetically
modify Cerebus into a six-headed
plastic homunculus of malignant
greed, but what you don’t know,
misanthropic Monsanto, is that many
of us know, and we have voices, rising
from every corner of every detail
of earth and life you attempt to destroy,
and for every ten screams that get lost in
an aspartame cup, one son or daughter
of a Vietnam Vet will rise from the orange
ashes and become an agent aware of
your casualties and seedless goddamn lies.

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European Glyphosate Safety Report Copy-Pasted Monsanto Study

Read full article here:

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THE WHAT OF FOREVER (Without Monsanto & Dow Chemical)

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

Away with the leaf’s
Star face
And the jagged air,
I make
My notes
On the overflow
Of night’s
Visible rhetoric

For you to come
And go
As you please…
For you
To pass

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