The Eternal Wars

A Poem by Chris Butler

Blood and oil
have never mixed,
as all the grains of sand,
are outnumbered by the stars
in the bosom of the earth
that are never rinsed clean
with biblical floods,
showing the indifference
of our one and only god,
choking the stenches of
gunpowder, lime
and the freedom of death

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King and Dictator Monsanto and Her Ugly Bride, Queen Dow Chemical

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A Poem by Nyugen Trang (translated into English from Vietnamese)

a poisoned fish
a poisoned generation
a poisoned mind

but rules by fear
is not rule at all

and rule by money
is another word for corrupt

punishment for the prisoners,
punishment for the dictators,
punishment for the rulers by fear–

everything in its own time.

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The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and moments of controversy.

–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Our Close Knit Town

A Poem by Pat St. Pierre

We hold fast in our cocoon.
Like the caterpillar
waiting to shed his thin chrysalis;
we remain insulated.
Our children mingle with their own kind;
few blacks or minorities pass us
on neighborhood streets.
We accept the falsehood,
believing we’ve made progress.
As another generation follows
in our footsteps
nothing will alter our suburban cocoon
we uncover
something to rip away the walls
forcing true equality.

Pat St. Pierre author of “Reality of Life”, “Theater of Life”, “Full Circle”, and “Not As It Seems”.

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Fairy Tale

A Work by P.F.W.T.S.

“My, my, grandmother, what a huge selection of fast foods, corn syrups and GMOS you have for us to eat again.”

“Better to fatten you for my feast later.

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Why We ARe Rising

Music Video by Taína Asili

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A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

“After Monsanto & Dow Chemical”

You have to step out of it, the pain
Of being too concerned
With who devastated reason
And the cause
Of why nightingales elude.

You have to

Shake off the fear –,
The by-products
On how later will count
Glowing its true colours.

You have to

Commence worshipping –,
If worship you must…
Names shot down while
Practicing an ideal.

You have to

Recognise that monuments
Are mountains –, and
Storm drains –, and
Loves that flew away

Recurring again as ‘the wild
Card’ in
The hand
Of ‘show’ poker…’

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Let’s Not Rake Our Leaves

A Poem by Donal Mahoney

There has to be a reason why
we rake our leaves
rather than allow them to

decompose beneath the snow
and feed our winter lawns
until spring comes back.

There has to be a reason why
we buy fertilizer from Monsanto
when its cauldron gave us

Agent Orange to spread
in Vietnam, where victims still
decompose and die today.

Let’s not rake our leaves.
Let’s not buy from Monsanto.
Let the leaves feed our lawns instead.

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Arms Dislocated

A Poem by Tim Staley

I’ve read enough women poets to know
they bleed for life
and men bleed against it.
I buried the soldier in me
like a placenta that still
pulses underground.
Lynn Strongin says,
tough-minded poetry
will necessarily
be the most triumphant
in the end.

A mind isn’t tough at all,
it’s blown to shreds in a second.

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Trump told China’s president that building concentration camps for millions of Uighur Muslims was ‘exactly the right thing to do,’ former adviser says.

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