I Wanted to be a Father

A Poem by I Wanted to be A Father

Thank you, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the rest of you
terrorists who use the we-were-just-following-orders
to order the demise of my children–their DNA invalid,
their genes degraded–born dead or near death– I do not know where to begin or how or even if…

Agent Orange storms changed my insides
and the insides of the children I can never know.

Roundup sent me into convulsions, serious illness,
rashed and scarred by chemical residue in the fields.

Herbicides accomplished nothing over the long haul
except injury to my person, my seed, my future.

Thank you, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the rest of you
terrorists who use greed and the moment to take away–
Where is my legacy? In a bottle for study? An autopsy?
The classrooms for the disfigured and mentally damaged?
I did not know where to begin or how or even if…

But I do now: Your greeting to the world is simple–
We do not need fathers because money is more important.
We do not need children because the present is everything.
Father’s Day is Monsanto and Dow Chemical’s celebration of extinction.

I wanted to be a father and these are the children Monsanto and Dow Chemical created for me with Agent Orange

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THE BULLY CALLED TRUMP=-Trump’s Favorite Part of Jan. 6 Is Laughing at the Trauma

A News Article by Asawin Suebsaeng

There are a number of things that make Donald Trump happy when he thinks of Jan. 6, and the long-term consequences of the riot. But it’s the anguish and trauma that has really sparked his joy.

In the full year since the deadly, Trump-inspired assault on the U.S. Capitol, several lawmakers, police officers, and reporters who were there have publicly opened up about the lingering distress they still feel stemming from the anti-democratic violence and body count of the day.ADVERTISING

According to three people with direct knowledge of the matter, the twice-impeached former president has noticed the emotional accounts, particularly that from Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Some he has found annoying. Others, however, have become targets of mockery and casual hilarity for him.

In several conversations with close allies over the past 12 months, Trump has repeatedly made fun of the idea that certain legislators, police, or journalists were traumatized by the violent events of the day, according to these sources. There are moments when the ex-president has speculated that his critics are “faking” their trauma and anxiety, for attention. Other times, he’s done poor, whining impersonations of perceived enemy lawmakers crying about the riot.

Trump’s callousness toward his real and perceived enemies, no matter the level of trauma inflicted, is standard fare for Trump: a man who built much of his political legacy and appeal by demagoguing and viciously smearing those who speak out against him. For example, despite his frequent claims about “backing the blue,” Trump privately referred to some of the police officers who were at the Capitol that day as “pussies, The Daily Beast previously reported.

He spent the past year hardening and broadening his lies about that day. Through press releases, rallies and interviews with allies, he’s excused and lionized the violent rioters, called for further election and voting-rights crackdowns across the nation, and in doing so cemented far-right Jan. 6 revisionism and “the Big Lie” as pillars of modern conservative orthodoxy.

And both in policy and in messaging, virtually every corner of the American right that matters has been willing to go along with it.


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One Billion Rising Activists Set the Stage During 16 Days of Activism–Bringing in the New Year

We call on the world:
To reclaim
To express
To defy
To disrupt
To unite
To radicalize
To awaken
To revolutionise

Are you Rising? Join us.

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Trump Bandies About Anti-Semitic Tropes In Interview With Israeli Reporter

Former President Donald Trump made a jaw-dropping series of anti-Semitic claims about Jewish Americans controlling institutions of government and media in a new interview where he said evangelical Americans “love Israel more than the Jews in this country.”

“It used to be Israel had absolute power over Congress, and today I think it’s the exact opposite,” he said.

Trump had been speaking to Barak Ravid, an Israeli journalist for Axios who wrote a book on Trump’s Middle Eastern policies. Ravid discussed his conversation with the former president on a podcast called “Unholy: Two Jews on the News,” which aired a clip of the interview Friday.


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The same Kind of Expressions on the White People’s Faces When They Watched a a Black Man Getting Lynched–We Cannot End The Stupidity When We have People in Power Acting so Stupid Themselves!

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History’s Rhymes 9/11/73*

A Poem by bob Boldt

“That Chilean Guy Might Have Some Problems.”
Richard Nixon in conversation with Henry Kissinger.

Victor Jara, how will you sing now that he has cut out your tongue,
or caress your guitar with smashed hands?

Pablo Neruda, teach me to remember your love poetry
in a time of war.

Plato said only the Forms endure,
filling everything.

Occasionally we grasp their pure invasion
of our world when we clasp an image of the universal:

Che’s corpse in as isometric perspective as Andrea Mantegna’s
“The Lamentation over the Dead Christ.”

The naked Vietnamese girl fleeing her village
strangely recreated on a German beach thirty years later.

That sculptor in Chicago who anticipated our own 9/11
and a falling man on a Tarot card.

I have been lucky to have noticed a few places where the Forms
touched earth like lightning striking twice.

The Spaniard had no camera to remind the soldiers
cutting that man in two

that God, that persistent, fucking metaphor, loves words and images.
and would be reminded when Goya’s War art was reproduced.

These images are cloudy lenses through which I sometimes grasp
the ponderous movement of invisible, powerful things.

This is a vision hardly unique with me.
Yes, this is my eye. This is my camera.

It has captured birth, and copulation, and death.
That is all that matters, goddammit.


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Birth Defects

A Poem by Shari Clark

I ask you, stockholders,
investors, money makers,
money movers, Monsanto
terrorists, Dow Chemical
criminals, I ask you:

is it right to place the cost of poison ahead of the cost of people?

Is it right to injure the newborn with chemical and herbicide,
with lie and sin,
because profit in wealth is greater than the profit in the betterment of humanity?

Is it right to cause birth defects in the innocent so you can have more, more profits, more wealth?

I ask you, do you attend my church?
Do you know my God?
I ask you, when will you learn
money is for the good of mankind,
not the good of one man.


When did man become God?
When did Monsanto become God?
When did Dow Chemical become God?
When did the Church of God
become the Church of Profit,
Lies and Sin, Chemicals and Herbicides?

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A Poem by Dang Duc Nhu

~In Memory of John L. Norton, US Army
9/1941 to 3/2006
A.O. Victim of the poisons of Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others.

I am the reminder.
I am a herald of sorrow and anguish..
Pain and misery precede me on my appointed rounds.
I collect on debts owed. I am the keeper of receipts.
My list of diagnosis grows. I grow.
I am the Agent.

Through the years my disguises are many.
The result is the same.
I am irresistible, unstoppable, though once preventable, now terminal.
Look here to the dark angel of a generation misguided and mismanaged.
I am the way to this inglorious and undeserved end.
I have the last word.
I am the Agent.

I am the instrument of early demise ongoing.
I am a corrupter of men’s ideal and intentions.
I am the Agent.

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from First Poems from Viet Nam

A Poem by Nguyen Sao Mai

I am here
eating dinner with my family
under the wings of my parents.

Somewhere on earth
shaking ground and flooding houses
in a wink of the eye.


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